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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photo Booth!

I won a photo booth for my reception! That's right, its free! whoo hoo! A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were at the Haute Bridal Show at the Adolphus Hotel (where I'm getting married) and I won a photo booth from picstrips for four hours for my reception! I am super excited! It looks something like this, but I'm hoping to cover the whole thing in black fabric so that it doesn't look so modern. Most everything else at my wedding has a vintage feel to it so I don't want this to stand out like a sore thumb! My sister and I were also trying to come up with some good props we could put in there for people to use in their pictures. I think its going to be so much fun!

What do you think? Any good prop ideas?


  1. Only because I keep hounding your sister you totally should have a big fun would that be?


    I heart your sis...

    And AWESOME job on the win. These are supposed to be LOADS of fun to have at the wedding and later when seeing everyone and their fun faces. Good memories.

  2. That is amazing news! We had one at our wedding and it was honestly the biggest hit!
    My fave props are: big red boa, BIG sunglasses, the glasses/mustache/nose combo, a tiara, a white board or chalk board...

  3. I agree with Rambler... 'staches are in order! We could make some on a stick so they have a vintage quality about them, plus those would be nice and tidy with no sticky residue! A top hat would also be excellent... the boa... perhaps an extra hankie or two to dab an eye since they will be celebrating such a joyous occasion!